Lai Wan-chi

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Dance is a conversation between body and soul.

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Lai joined Hong Kong Dance Company’s Youth Troupe in 2011.  She performed in several family dance dramas, including the lead role Sheep in Magical Adventures of Baby Polar Bear and the 12 Zodiac Animals.  She also performed in Dazzling Desert at The Achievement Exhibition of the 11th Taoli Cup: National Dancing Education Performance of China in 2016. Lai graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a Bachelor’s degree (Honours) in 2020. During her studies, she won the HSBC Hong Kong Scholarship, BVLGARI Performing Arts Scholarships, The Ohel Synagogue Charity Undergraduate Scholarships and The Society of Academy for Performing Arts Local Scholarships. She performed in Malaysia, Beijing and Macau with the institution. She also performed solo as The Mother of Earth in Yellow Earth Yellow River at the School of Dance Fall Performance. Lai joined Hong Kong Dance Company as Apprentice and was promoted to Dancer in September 2021. Recent performances include Shan Shui: An Ode to Nature, Nine Songs and A Dance of Celestial Rhythms.

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