HKDC Brand Campaign Video

This is a dance venue as large as a city. Through the unique visual language of film, the creative force is expressed in the universal elements of water, fire, air, and earth. Dance is both about a discipline and an expression of souls.


Flagship Dance Company x Promising Film Director: Chan Kin Long


Hong Kong Dance Company (HKDC) is pleased to announce the launch of a special short film production themed WHERE WE LAND, WHERE WE DANCE by joining hands with Chan Kin Long, who won the “Best New Director” at the Hong Kong Film Awards last year for his work Hand Rolled Cigarette. This cross-disciplinary collaboration records our city in dance and reflects on the very concept of dance. 


HKDC is dedicated to promoting Chinese dance with contemporary artistic visions and Hong Kong character. Since its inception, the Company has staged over 200 productions, many of which have garnered wide popularity and critical acclaim. “This delicate short film is endowed with novel perspective from the viewpoint of a film director. We influence each other to go beyond what we both are accustomed to. The narrative of this work encapsulates quintessential quality of film art, delivering a dance work that transcends its form.” Says Yang Yuntao, Hong Kong Dance Company’s Artistic Director. 

Brand Campaign Video

"Water, Fire, Air and Earth"

The four original elements of Chinese culture, Water, Fire, Air and Earth as a metaphor

This dance film uses the four original elements of Chinese culture, “water, fire, air and earth” as a metaphor for HKDC’s unique artistic style and mission to create innovative Chinese dance productions with Hong Kong characteristics. These elements, expressed in dance, are fused with distinctive cultural icons of Hong Kong, such as neon signs with the character for “water” in Chinese calligraphy, Tai Hang’s fire dragon dance, local street posters, building’s rooftop signifying “earth” from the ancient Chinese I Ching, and so on. 


The camera captures the flowing movements of the dancers that express their inner spirits; and how human bodies respond to the mother nature and the environments instinctively. Chan Kin Long explains, “When creative motives, moving images and different forms of art come together, they entice a riveting aftertaste. How intuitive expression of our souls ties to our natural surroundings sets the tone for this creative partnership. Imagining dance artists and us from film art are in our own processes of spiritual refinement. We are from different artistic camps, nevertheless we share a common language in our imagination for art.”



HKDC’s new brand campaign officially launches in late May, and this new dance film embodies the Company’s spirit of innovation. In addition to collaborating with film director Chan Kin Long for the first time, HKDC invited young composer Lau Hiu Kong, Lawrence, to create an electronic soundtrack reimagined with traditional Chinese instruments. In a set meticulously designed by HKDC’s Artistic Director, Yang Yuntao, twenty-two young dancers roam the space, calling and responding to the city from different perspectives. Amid the flowing silhouettes of the dancers, our city is awakened. The final chapter of this short film, “earth”, is set in an iconic city's rooftop in “Hong Kong” - the land where HKDC has been dancing on for forty-two years. 


In the coming dance season, the Company will continue to focus on innovation of Chinese dance, creating cross-disciplinary productions and promoting the legacy of Hong Kong. We welcome audiences to join us on our journey.

Production & Artistic Team

Director: Chan Kin Long
Artistic Director: Yang Yuntao
Artistic Coordinator: Huang Lei
Assistant Director: Lee Hoi Wah

Art Director: Gary Tam
Producer: Isabella Lam
Director of Photography: FUKPAKJIM 
Music Composer: Lawrence Lau
Still Photographer: Karlson Tsang
Designer: sunny@studiowmw 
Behind-the-scenes: Leung Ho Sing, Fung Yiu Man, Lam Ting Hin, Chiu Sung Tat, Lau Chun Sing

Dance Artists: 
Pan Linjuan, Ho Ho-fei, Lee Chia Ming, Huang Haiyuan, Ong Tze Shen, Pan Zhenghuan, 
Ng Ka-ling, Chou Jo-yun, Huang Wenjie, Tong Chi-man, Ho Gi-lam, He Yongning, 
Lai Wan-chi, Tai Wing-chun, Tai Chun-u, Lee Chun-hin, Lo Sum-yu, Lee Wai-yan, 
Liu Ya-lien, Ng Yuen-man, Tong Hai My, Wan Nga-yu

Project Lead: Jenny Lam
Creative Writing: Ho Ying-yi
Project Coordination & Promotion: Bailey Yeung, Fung Hoi-ting
Marketing & Communications: Jenny Lam, Ho Ying-yi, Cheng Yu-ching, Idy Yeung, 
Bailey Yeung, Freya Cheung, Fung Hoi-ting, Kenny Kwan

Agency: Makim, Kobe

Art Team: Athena Leung, Heidi Ng
Focus Puller: Ka Wai
Camera Assistants: Ip, Kui
High Speed Camera Team: Free Run Production, Kelvin Fan, Silvia Ng
Drone Camera: Kwan Ming Fai
Assistant Set Designer: Joan Leung
Set Builder: Endy Tse
Stylists: Mani Chan, Tiffany Liu
Styling Assistants: Chesney Lau, Winky Wong, Amy Tam
Make Up Artists: Angel Mok, Carmen Chung, April Huang
Hair Stylists: Shirley Mak, Ryan Ma, Shue Lai
Stunt Team: Chan Chun Fung MJ, Wong Shui Ki Suki
Special Effect: Chi Shui Tim
On-Set Medic: Sandra Leung, Ernest Wong, Chung Ho Lam
Safety Director: Karlson Yim
Medic & Safety Sponsor: Universal Solution Service Ltd
Fire Dragon Team: Tête-de-Lion
Photographer Team: Mike Lam, Isabella Chan
Editor: Alan Lo
Online Editor: Yippy Yip
Colourist: Eric Chan