Mrs Janet Lee

Mr Henry Wu, BBS, JP

Mr Lee Shung-tak, BBS, JP

Prof. William Leung, GBS, JP

Mr Stanley Wong, SBS, JP

Mr Wilson Fung, MH

Chairman  Mr Tsang Kee Kung, MH

Vice Chairman  Mr Raphael Chu

Vice Chairman  Mr Richard Tsang

Treasurer  Ms lvy Au Yeung

Member   Ms Helen Lu, BBS, MH, JP

Member   Prof Tseng Sun Man, MH, JP

Member   Ms Melissa Pang, BBS, MH, JP

Member   Ms Christine Leung

Member   Mr Louis Yu, MH

Member   Mr Stephen Law, JP

Member   Mr Benjamin Ma

Member   Ms Cynthia Lau

Member   Ms Eileen Lee

Member   Mr Ronald Wu, MH

Co-opted Committee member   Ms Helen Ng, MH

Honorary Legal Adviser   Mr Anthony Chow, SBS, JP

Prof Chan Wing-wah, JP

Ms Sheng Peiqi

Ms Emily Mok, MH, JP

Mr Tang Shu-wing, MH

Mr Lau Siu-ming, MH

Mr. Shen Wei

Artistic Adviser(Children's Troupe & Youth Troupe) Mr Pan Zhitao

Executive Director  David Tsui

Executive Assistant to Directors   Stella Yau

Head of Marketing and Communications   Jenny Lam

Finance and Administration Manager   Tracy Lau

Programme Manger   Ruby Kwan

Marketing and Development Manager   Ho Ying-yi

Project Manager   Helen Chan

Project Coordinator   Chan Chak-kwan

Assistant Manager (Finance and Administration)  Winnie Hung

Assistant Manager (Personnel and Administration) Joe Chu

Assistant Manager (Company and Programme)  Jennifer Chow

Assistant Manager (Programme)   Li Long-hin

Assistant Manager (Marketing)   Cheng Yu-ching

Assistant Manager (Marketing)   Idy Yeung

Senior Programme Officer   Ada Lok

Senior Marketing Officer   Bailey Yeung

Accounting and Administration Officer   Nicole Chan

Programme Officer   Huang Jiajia

Marketing Officer   Freya Cheung

Digital Project Executive   Kenny Kwan

Project Officer   Fung Hoi-ting

Project Officer   Kathy Kwan

Office Assistant   Debbie Yeung

Production Manager   Alex Wong

Stage Manager   Derek Chan

Stage Manager   Johnson Chan

Deputy Stage Manager   Krizce Chow

Deputy Stage Manager   Oliva Li

Assistant Stage Manager   Tse Tsz-wai

Assistant Stage Manager   Tammy Tsang

Stage Technician   Billy Choi

Wardrobe Mistress   Luise Yau

Make-up & Hair-dress Master   Jadeson Fu

Wardrobe Assistant   Wendy Tam

Outreach and Education Manager   Tsang Kam-sing

Assistant Manager (Outreach and Education)   Maria Liu

Senior Officer (Outreach and Education)   Banly Cheung

Outreach and Education Officer   Tsui Suk-har

Project Officer   Janice Lam

Artistic Coordinator   Cai Fei

Curriculum Officer   Carmen Yau

Executive Officer   Chan Kin-chiu

Dance Instructor   He Chaoya

Dance Instructor   Tsang Ka-yee

Executive Assistant   Cherrie Chow

Executive Assistant   Cobo Ko