Ho Gi-lam

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With my body as a starting point,  I explore endless emotions to seek my true self.

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Ho Gi Lam joined Hong Kong Dance Company (HKDC)’s Youth Troupe in 2011 and performed in The Achievement Exhibition of the 11th Taoli Cup National Dance Education Performance of China in 2016. She then studied at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), majoring in Chinese Dance. She received several scholarships during her studies, including Chinese Dance Faculty Scholarship, A Cup of Hope Scholarship and Dean of Dance Prize. She has participated in numerous school productions, including Drum, Yellow Earth Yellow River (excerpt), The Snow and Thousand Lives. She performed in the Festival Juvenil Internacional de Dança in Macau with the HKAPA in 2019. Ho joined HKDC as Apprentice in 2021, and is also an instructor with the Children’s and Youth Troupes. She was promoted to Dancer in 2022.

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