Lee Chun-hin

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Lee Chun-hin graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Dance with first-class honours at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He received several awards and scholarships during his studies, including The Director Award, HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund-Outstanding Performance and Academic Studies (Dance) Faculty Scholarships. He also participated in numerous local and overseas performances with the Academy, which included the American Dance Festival, Tari ‘19 ASWARA Festival in Malaysia and Macau International Youth Dance Festival. Lee has had extensive exposure in the art field, including performance, choreography and art administration.

Lee’s performance credits include: Dark Meadow Suite (excerpts) by Martha Graham, The Dream of Red Fan by Xing Liang, Yellow Earth, Yellow River (excerpts) by Jiang Huaxuan, The butterfly Lovers by Sheng Peiqi and Yan Xiaoqiang, When the Pipa Stops by Pei Changqing, dance movie Alone but Together by John Utans, choreographer and performer for SOCIAL DISTANCING - Interactive Smiling Task by the Association of Hong Kong Youth Dancers, Beyond Motion and Stillness by Allen Lam and These Associations by Tino Sehgal.

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