Sydney tour

Convergence - Infinity of Movement and Stillness in Sydney

Everest Theatre, Seymour Centre

2024.07.12 - 2024.07.13
Overseas Performance
AUD 35 / 45


Following the The Legend of Mulan tour in 2015, Hong Kong Dance Company returned to Sydney with the martial arts ✕ dance work Convergence. HKDC has always supported cultural exchange and is thrilled to bring this tour a rejuvenating experience to the local audience in Sydney.

Convergence is a culminating work created through an interdisciplinary research study on both Chinese dance and Chinese martial arts traditions. Hong Kong Dance Company Artistic Director Yang Yuntao and a group of dancers have collaborated with kung fu masters of the Southern style since 2018. The partnership has yielded a deep awareness of the essence of Chinese martial arts which, as adapted by the research team, allows for a more profound understanding of the relationship between the sensorial body, the fluidity of movement it creates, and East Asian philosophies in the creation and performance of dance. Convergence made its online debut in 2020 and was taken to various cities. In 2023, it returned to Hong Kong, showcasing its first local premiere as a live performance.

Infinity of Movement and Stillness

Breathing new life into artistic creation and dance movements by revealing the authenticity of Chinese martial arts.

In Hong Kong Dance Company's three-year-long study, its artists have explored the essence of both traditional practices, extracting new perspectives on movement and the fluidity of expression between ideology and physical gesture. Convergence brings these discoveries together, capturing the transient between stillness and motion, tranquility and exuberance; all that one may find through the synergy of dance and martial arts.

Production and Artistic Team

Concept & Choreographer:

Yang Yuntao

Artistic Coordinator:

Carolyn Yip

Composer & Sound Designer:

Paul Yip

Lighting Designer:

Gabriel Fung Kwok-kee

Digital Image Designer & Coordinator:

Oliver Shing


Ho Ho-fei, Hua Chi-yu, Ong Tze Shen, Huang Haiyun, Lam Yin-yi, Lee Chia-ming, Liu Wai-yee, Tong Chi-man, Chou Jo-yun, Ho Gi-lam, Ng Ka-ling, Tai Chon-u, Zhan Qian

Tour Producer:

Carrol Ho

Tour Manager:

Huang Jiajia

Production Manager:

Alex Wong

Stage Manager:

Derek Chan

Deputy Stage Manager:

Chow Tsz-ling

Assistant Stage Manager:

Tang Yee-nga

Lighting Coordinator & Operator:

Billy Choi

Production Officer:

Kwok Tsun-ming

Wardrobe & Hair-dress Supervisor:

Luise Yau

Make-up & Hair-dress Master:

Jadeson Fu

Tour Marketing:

Jenny Lam, Bailey Yeung