Hong Kong Dance Company 2023/24 Dance Season


Hong Kong Dance Company (HKDC) is thrilled to announce the new 2023/24 dance season, with a diverse range of dance performances that blend traditional and contemporary practice inspired by the concept of “Rebirth and Transcendence”. To complement this season’s theme, the Company is joining hands with K11 MUSEA to present new perspectives on art and dance with unique, fun experiences at the Pop-up Art Corner and site-specific dance performances at different venues in K11 MUSEA every Saturday in July.

Mr Yang Yuntao, HKDC Artistic Director, shares his thoughts on this season’s creations: “Rebirth of the body. Transcendence of life. Let dance return to the body and bring life to different realms of awareness—this will be the guiding philosophy for our productions going forward.” In the 2023/24 dance season, the Company is creating seven exciting and innovative dance programmes themed around “Rebirth” and “Transcendence”. Through an enthralling fusion of dance and multimedia installation, these programmes take audiences on inspiring journeys of discovery into the intricate, abstract beauty of dance.

2023/24 Dance Season Programme Line-up (See “Programme Details”) 

The opening performance is the spectacular new dance poem A Dance of Celestial Rhythms, choreographed by Artistic Director Yang Yuntao. The Twenty-Four Solar Terms highlight the close relationship between the enduring living traditions of people and nature. The ancient Chinese intellectual tradition of reciting poems in celebration of the solar terms is given a new twist with the Company’s analogies through dance. Co-presented with West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD), Convergence, the culmination of an interdisciplinary research study on Chinese dance and martial arts traditions, will make its debut on the Freespace stage, followed by internationally renowned choreographer Helen Lai’s HerStory, the final part of her “Woman’s Trilogy”. The Company will also present Lands in the South, a show inspired by the regional culture of Lingnan, in collaboration with dancers from the Greater Bay Area. The grand dance drama The Legend of Lanling is based on the life story of the Prince of Lanling. Through the physical art forms of dance and martial arts, this performance gives a vivid portrayal of a legendary general on the battlefield. The art education theatre piece All About The Three Kingdoms will guide audiences to appreciate Chinese dance through interactive movement and classic excerpts from the dance drama Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The finale of the season is Fun Ride with Big Beard – Dancing Poems 2.0, a highly anticipated summertime family theatre show, featuring a medley of poems and song lyrics from the Tang and Song dynasties with the support of Actor Anthony Ho as guest performer. 

Hong Kong Dance Company x K11 MUSEA : “Rebirth and Transcendence”2023/24 Dance Season Exclusive Showcase

Hong Kong Dance Company will present thematic site-specific dance performances closely linked with our 2023/24 Dance Season’s motif “Rebirth and Transcendence” at K11 MUSEA. This exclusive showcase sets out to impress audiences with an untrammeled spirit in dance, creating a unique experience we call “transcenDANCE”. On every Saturday in July, featured segments of dance pieces will be presented alongside the Pop-up Art Corner at K11 MUSEA’s Gold Ball, showcasing novel choreography that interweaves traditional and contemporary strokes.

This July, immerse yourself in a transcenDANCE experience at K11 MUSEA!

  •  Pop-up Art Corner 
    1– 31 July (Every day 10:00am – 10:00pm) 
    2/F Gold Ball, K11 MUSEA
  • Performances
    1, 8, 15, 22, 29 July (Every Saturday 3:00pm & 4:15pm) 
    K11 MUSEA
  •  Pop-up Photobooth 
    1 – 31 July (Wednesday – Friday 5:00pm – 8:00pm | Weekends 2:00pm – 7:00pm) 
    2/F Gold Ball, K11 MUSEA 

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Programme Details

Programme Line-up

2023/24 Dance Season Brochure

Dance Season Brochure

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