The Legend of Lanling Grand Dance Drama: Chinese Dance ╳ Martial Arts

Hong Kong Dance Company Proudly Presents
The Legend of Lanling
Grand Dance Drama: Chinese Dance ╳ Martial Arts

A brave soul unveiled

Lanling, in ancient tale, mighty in skill yet with fragile visage,
In every encounter, a mask adorns courage to the battlefield.

In guise, borrowing divinity from the mask, swift and valiant,
Traversing the battlefield, donned in hues of war and command.

In dance amidst the fray, a query lingers,
Who is the true sovereign, the genuine self-elusive.

In descending twilight’s embrace, flags and drums at rest,
Half a lifetime devoted to martial pursuits, success, unaccomplished till the last.

In Lanling's martial arts array, a dance mirroring the heart,
Reality, unmasked, reveals its genuine grace.

Masks may be shed, but the true self remains concealed. Twenty dancers, trained in martial arts, Nangun, and drumming, transcend convention and seamlessly merge dance with martial arts.

Existence is a battlefield where life is perceived as a dance, focused, serene, fearless, and unburdened by regret, akin to stepping into the fray.


The Artistic Director of Hong Kong Dance Company, Yang Yuntao's new choreography the new Grand Dance Drama: Chinese Dance ╳ Martial Arts for 2024, titled The Legend of Lanling, drawing inspiration from the brave and skilled Northern Qi general, Warrior Lanling, a.k.a. Gao Changgong . Warrior Lanling was known for his gentle appearance yet strong heart, with beauty in both his appearance and voice. He would don armor and a mask before entering battles, where he was undefeated. Despite his achievements, he ultimately died from poisoned wine. Yang collaborated once again with the award-winning creative team, including set designer Jan Wong, costume designer Mandy Tam, lighting designer Yeung Tsz-yan, and sound designer Anthony Yeung. The lead roles, as well as assistant choreographers, will be taken up by recently promoted principal dancers Ho Ho-fei and Ong Tze Shen. This grand dance drama The Legend of Lanling combines dance and martial arts to portray the image of Warrior Lanling entering the battlefield.

Since 2018, the Company has conducted in-depth research about the fusion of Chinese dance and martial arts, collaborating closely with martial arts consultant Mr Hing Chao and the Institute of Chinese Martial Studies. To enhance the depth and quality of the performances, in addition to weekly martial arts training sessions, the dancers began taking classes in Nangun and drumming as early as September last year.

"I've actually wanted to create this piece for a very long time, probably about ten years ago when I became interested in this character (Warrior Lanling) and this story, so I feel that the timing now couldn't have been better, " said Yang, director and choreographer of The Legend of Lanling. "Entering the battlefield means entering a state. I think the most tense, attractive, and concentrated state is the state of war. I was also inspired by the music in the Song of "Warrior Lanling" (《蘭陵王入陣曲》), which describes the soldiers entering a state of war, where their bodies and states are elevated to a certain extent. It's extremely captivating to me."

Continuing their collaboration from the opening program of the 23/24 dance season, A Dance of Celestial Rhythms, Aēsop will once again sponsor the Company's large-scale performance with scent experiences, elevating the upcoming debut of the Grand Dance Drama: Chinese Dance ╳ Martial Arts The Legend of Lanling. The program will be staged at the Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theater from 12-14 April 2024 with four performances, and a special "Allies Package" offers discount up to 18% off.

Programme Plus

Programme Plus of Grand Dance Drama: Chinese Dance ╳ Martial Arts The Legend of Lanling

1. Autograph Session

Date & Time

12 April 2024 (Fri), After the evening performance session


Kwai Tsing Theatre

2. Meet-the-Artist Session

Date & Time

13 April 2024 (Sat), After the matinee performance session


Kwai Tsing Theatre

3. Pre-show Talk (with live streaming)

Date & Time

13 April 2024 (Sat), Before the evening performance session


Kwai Tsing Theatre

Profile of Director and Choreographer

Yang Yuntao Press release

Yang Yuntao

Graduated from the Dance Faculty of Minzu University of China, Yang Yuntao is an accomplished dancer and choreographer. He joined the Hong Kong Dance Company (HKDC) in 2002 as Principal Dancer and became the Company's Assistant Artistic Director from 2007. He has been its Artistic Director since November 2013.


Yang has choreographed for numerous dance companies. His award-winning choreography for HKDC includes: Spring Ritual·Eulogy, winner of Outstanding Achievement in Production at the Hong Kong Dance Awards 2013 and presented in Beijing and Taipei in 2013; The Legend of Mulan, winner of Outstanding Production and Outstanding Ensemble Performance at the 2014 Hong Kong Dance Awards and presented in New York, Sydney, London and Minsk in 2015, 2017 and 2019 respectively; Storm Clouds, winner of three awards including Outstanding Achievement in Production at the 2015 Hong Kong Dance Awards; The Butterfly Lovers, presented in Seoul in 2016; L’Amour Immortel, winner of three awards at the 2016 Hong Kong Dance Awards, presented in Beijing and Guangzhou in 2017, in Taipei in 2018 and in Shanghai and Hangzhou in 2019; Waiting Heart, winner of Outstanding Medium Venue Production at the 2019 Hong Kong Dance Award; and Convergence, winner of Outstanding Online Production at the 2022 Hong Kong Dance Award.


Other works for HKDC include Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Voices and Dances of the Distant Land, Blanc in Reveries of the Red Chamber, Chinese Hero: A Lone Exile, In the Beginning in Vipassana, Lady White of West Lake, Dance of Strings, Shan Shui: An Ode to Nature and Nezha: Untold Solitude. Yang has also spearheaded a three-year interdisciplinary research study on Chinese dance and Chinese martial arts traditions.


Yang has won Hong Kong Dance Awards in 2003 and 2006 for his outstanding dance performance, and the Best Artist (Dance) at the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2009. In 2023, Yang has been awarded the Medal of Honour by the Chief Executive of the Government of HKSAR in recognition of his contributions to the dance sector, years of devotion in creating and promoting Chinese dance and nurturing dance talents.

Profile of Main Cast and Assistant Choreographer

Ho Ho-fei Press release

Ho Ho-fei

Ho Ho-fei graduated in 2009, majoring in Chinese Dance with a minor in Choreography. He received several scholarships, a bronze medal at the 4th Shenzhen Modern Dance Competition, and a gold medal at the 3rd National Minority Performance Gala.


Ho joined Hong Kong Dance Company in 2010. Performance highlights include major roles in Qingming Riverside, Journey to the Wild West (re-run), Red Poppies (re-run in 2014), Chinese Hero: A Lone Exile, Kaleidoscope of Dance from Yunnan, Magical Adventures of Baby Polar Bear and the 12 Zodiac Animals, Dream of the Past: Ancient Chinese Court Dances, Dim Sum Adventures @ Lung Fung Teahouse 2.0, Liu Sanjie, A Sea of Smiling LT Ducks, A Tale of the Southern Sky, Convergence, Shan Shui: An Ode to Nature, Nine Songs, and Myth of the Dancing Durumi. He was also invited by Hong Kong Ballet to perform The Nutcracker


Ho has choreographed for “8/F Platform”: Fly and for Hong Kong Dance Alliance’s “2010 Dance Platform”. He was also the co-choreographer of The Great River and Fire Dragon for the Association of Hong Kong Dance Organizations. His work Protect received the gold medal in the pas de deux category at the 2013 Hong Kong Bauhinia Cup International Dance Invitation Competition. Ho was awarded The Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund scholarship in 2021 and he obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree in a dance programme in 2023. He was promoted to Principal Dancer the same year. He was also a researcher for the Research Study on Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese Dance, and now participates in the Dance and Martial Arts Research Team.

Ong Tze Shen Press release

Ong Tze Shen

Born in Penang, Ong Tze Shen began dancing at the age of thirteen and has participated in numerous competitions and performances since then. He received full scholarships at a performing arts tertiary institution in Hong Kong and graduated with First-class Honours in 2018. He joined Hong Kong Dance Company the same year. Recent performances include A Tale of the Southern Sky, the lead role in Nezha: Untold Solitude, Convergence, Shan Shui: An Ode to Nature, Nine Songs,and “8/F Platform”: Jing. He choreographed and performed More–Human in “8/F Platform”: here and there. He was also a researcher for HKDC’s Research Study on Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese Dance and now participates in the Dance and Martial Arts Research Team. Ong was promoted to Principal Dancer in 2023.


Ong has danced in various festivals and productions. He performed solos in Zhang Xiaoxiong’s The Homeland, Butterfly Lovers by Sheng Peiqi and Yan Xiaoqiang, Gao Chenming’s Fortune, and Yan Xiaoqiang’s Autumn Thoughts. He choreographed Dating with D with Christy Poinsettia Ma and performed the work in 2017. He also produced the full-length dance drama In The Amorphous Beings for the George Town Festival in Penang 2017 and took part in CAMPING 2018 at the Centre National de la Danse in Paris. In 2021 he was invited by Hong Kong Street Dance Development Alliance to choreograph More Human for The Box 2.0


In 2020, Ong was awarded second prize at the 17th Seoul International Dance Competition (Contemporary Dance division) and the Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer award at the 24th Hong Kong Dance Awards for his role of Nezha in Nezha: Untold Solitude in 2023.

Performance Information


Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre


12-13.4.2024 (Fri - Sat) 7:45pm
13^-14.4.2024 (Sat - Sun) 3:00pm


$380, $260, $180

Discount Scheme

● “Allies Package” Enjoy up to 18% discount (Only available at URBTIX)
● 50% discount is available for full-time students, senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minders, and CSSA recipients.
● Friends of Hong Kong Dance Company Classic Membership can enjoy 10% off, and Prestige Membership can enjoy 20% off.
● For details of other discounts, please refer to URBTIX


Tickets Now available at URBTIX and Damai


Programme duration is about 1 hour and 30 minutes with an intermission

Age Limit

Suitable for ages 6 or above

Programme Enquiries

3103 1888 /

Artistic team

Director and Choreographer

Yang Yuntao

Main Cast and Assistant Choreographers

Ho Ho-fei and Ong Tze Shen

Artistic Coordinator

Carolyn Yip

Martial Arts Advisor

Hing Chao


Simon Wang Haoran


Lawrence Lau

Set Designer

Jan Wong

Costume Designer

Mandy Tam

Lighting Designer

Yeung Tsz-yan

Sound Designer

Anthony Yeung

Programme partners

Martial Arts Partner

Institute of Chinese Martial Studies

Fragrance Sponsor


Accessibility Partner

Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong

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