Lin Chun-na

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When you can fly, don’t give up the ability to soar. When you can imagine, don’t give up your dreams. Treat every day as your last, and you will be bound to find a day that delights you.

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Born in Hong Kong, Lin Chun-na graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2005 majoring in Chinese Dance. She was awarded the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Scholarship and the HSBC scholarship and participated in exchange activities in Prague, the United Kingdom, and China. She joined Hong Kong Dance Company in 2007. Main performances include solo in Dance Roots, main roles in Journey to the Wild West, and Mulan in Dance Appreciation. Aesthetic Appeal. Her choreographic work Seven Years was featured in “8/F Platform” — Fly. She also serves as an Instructor for Hong Kong Dance Company’s evening dance courses and Children’s and Youth Troupes.

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