Lee Wai-yan

Contract Dancer
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‎Lee Wai-yan graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2021, majoring in Chinese dance. During her studies, she performed in numerous school productions which include Thousand Lives, The Snow, Mosuo Women, Yellow Earth Yellow River (excerpt) and Drum. She was nominated by the college to receive the Dr. & Mrs. George Choa Memorial Scholarship.

Lee was also engaged in many off-campus performances, including Macao International Youth Dance Festival 2019, Impression: Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival by Dance Drama Hong Kong Ltd, Wu Ji Selection by Qian Xiulian Dance Company, SPARK: The Science and Art of Creativity 2019 and the Dance Plaza•Performance Dance Workshop by the Outreach Department of the Hong Kong Dance Company in 2021.

Lee joined the Hong Kong Dance Company as Contract Dancer in 2022.

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