18-19 Dec 2015 (Fri-Sat)    7:45pm
19-20 Dec 2015 (Sat-Sun) 3:00pm


8/F Platform, Hong Kong Dance Company, Sheung Wan Civic Centre

$180 Free Seating

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Korea isn’t just all about K-Pop.

Ryu Seok-hun, Lee Yun-kyung, Yun Min-suk. Three glittering stars of contemporary choreography from Seoul. They are bringing two works that showcase the independent spirit of Korean dance, blending cultural traditions with contemporary insight.

Ryu is the Gold Medalist of the Japan International Ballet and Modern Dance competition. Lee is a professor and often seen on stage at major international dance festivals. Together they create The Road from the best loved folksong “A-Ri-Rang”.

Yun is the choreographer of the French film Milan A.C, an active force of the French arts scene before returning to his native Korea. He brings together traditional music and contemporary dance into Miscellaneous Thoughts on men and life.

In response, Hong Kong Dance Company’s Principal Dancer Huang Lei creates a new work Passing Shadows, exploring human emotions and state of mind.

Artists from Seoul and Hong Kong come together at Platform 8/F to push the boundaries of choreography and traditions.

The Road   Dance Company THE Body  (Korea)

Our way,
A dancer’s way,
Arirang’s way

The motif of The Road is based on the best-known Korean folksong ‘Arirang’, as well as rhythm of Korean traditional music and dance movements. It embodies the very essence of the Korean soul.

Choreography : Ryu Seok-hun
Performers:Ryu Seok-hun, Lee Yun-kyung

Miscellaneous Thoughts   Mamook Dance Company (Korea)

Created with a positive attitude towards future, it aims to search for oneself while thinking of what to keep and what to let go from the past. The Buddhist philosophy of eternal cycle of birth and rebirth, as well as the present life affecting the next, is implied throughout the piece.

Choreography:Yun Min-suk
Performers:Kim Seok-jung, Kan Min-kyung

Passing Shadows   Hong Kong Dance Company (Hong Kong)

I do not want to live near those of familiar faces; I must learn to face all the possibilities of happiness and unhappiness. In a place where no memories remain, what is left is sluggishness and emptiness. Everything returns to the original stage. In this case, you’ll never meet those of familiar faces. “Huang Lei

Choreography: Huang Lei
Performers:Hong Kong Dance Company Dancers
Music: Choi Sai-ho

Artistic Coordinator:Yang Yuntao
Lighting Designer: Billy Tang


Post-performances Activities

Meet the Artists

Moderator: Daniel Yeung

After the performance of 18 Dec 2015 (Fri) 7:45pm

8/F Platform, Hong Kong Dance Company, Sheung Wan

Meet the Artists

Moderator: Lok Fung

After the performance of 19 Dec 2015 (Sat) 7:45pm

8/F Platform, Hong Kong Dance Company, Sheung Wan