31.8.2018-2.9.2018 (Fri-Sun) 7:45pm

1-2.9.2018 (Sat-Sun) 3:00pm

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Studio Theatre




Free Seating & Standing


50% off (limited offer)

Full-time students, people with disabilities and the minder


Till death do us part: a conquest of love, fate and free will

A modern-day take on Tong Tik-sang’s Cantonese opera masterpiece The Legend of the Purple Hairpin that reimagines the classic tale of the reckoning of old scores in a contemporary vision of the future. Contemplating multiple universes, different versions of Huo Xiaoyu are locked in a myth of destiny and self-determination. Will she accept a fate cut short? Will she continue to search for happiness? Or will she fight for what she believes in?

The production breaks the usual rules of theatre by making the audience a part of the performance. Half of them, seated in the stalls right next to the stage, will be impacted by performers’ facial expressions in a closer distance; the other half of the audience, standing in the gallery, will have a bird’s eye view of the events.

Director/Choreographer: Yang Yuntao
Associate Director/Script: Rex Ng
Concept/Video Designer: Maurice Lai*
Music Director/Composer: Lee Che-yi
Sound Designer: Anthony Yeung
Set Designer: Jan Wong
Costume Designer: Mandy Tam
Lighting Designer: Billy Chan
Live Audio Mixing Supervisor: Ziv Chui
Image Designer/Performer: Sunny Chan*
Cantonese opera performers: Hong Hai*, Eliza Li Pui-yan
Musicians: Chass Wong, Zhao Riwei*, Nero Lee, Ho Chun Hei
*By kind permission of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts