2 - 4.2.2018 (Fri -Sun) 7:45pm 

3 - 4.2.2018 (Sat -Sun) 3:00pm 

Kwai Tsing Theatre Auditorium

$280 $200 $100

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Let your body speak for your soul

Guest troupes

Taitung Bulareyaung Dance Company 

Founded by internationally acclaimed choreographer Bulareyaung Pagarlava, originally from the Paiwan tribe of Taiwan. Bulareyaung started his professional career as a dancer in Cloud Gate Theatre, and has since presented his work twice with the Martha Graham Dance Company in New York. He has frequently appeared at Vail International Dance Festival and the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival.


Celebrating the Paiwan culture, Qaciljay means ‘stones’ in the indigenous language, and refers to the pristine landscape of eastern Taiwan. Inspired by traditional songs and dances of the tribal community, the dancers were taught how to cultivate the land and harvest ginger by the tribespeople, in order to nourish their bodies. Holding hands and chanting ferociously, the dance illustrates the sacred union of the indigenous people and the earth, embodying both philosophical and aesthetic significance.

Artistic Director and Choreographer: Bulareyaung Pagarlava 

Technical Director and Lighting Designer: Lee, Chien-Chang 

Costume Designer: Lin ,Bing-Hao

Music Designer and Live Music: Chen, Chu-Hui 

Image Designer and Producer: Sakuliu Pavavalung , Yasu Yawu

Seoul Han Dance Project

Emerging choreographer Han Hyo-lim from South Korea founded the Han Dance Project after winning the Seoul International Dance Festival and Competition organised by the National Centre for Korean Traditional Performing Arts.

Furious Sea — Memory on Ube

The dance commemorates the victims of the 1942 Chosei Coal Mine disaster, remembered for the anguish they suffered.

Artistic Director and Choreographer: Han Hyo-lim 

Lighting Designer: Ryou Backhee, Kang Jihye 

Costume Designer: Min cheon-hong 

Music Designer: Huh sung-eun

Hong Kong
Hong Kong Dance Company

Xie Yin from the Hong Kong Dance Company is a two-time Hong Kong Dance Awards winner, renowned for her leading performances in major dance dramas.

Four Seasons

Once the Fragrant Harbour of the Orient, we celebrate its rich soil that has nurtured generations of people. Yet, as the seasons come and fade, how far have we drifted from our essence? The cycle of life births death and rebirths… Experience the four seasons through music, as dancers embrace each note with a classic move. Where will the wind take us next, away from the banality of everyday life?

Director and Choreographer: Xie Yin 

Set and Costume Designer: Bacchus Lee 

Digital Image Designer: Oliver Shing

Lighting Designer: Zoe Cheung


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